Top 20 Root Apps

Top 20 Root Apps

   In the old days it was an essential to root your Android smartphone, but now it is not although there are yet several reasons to root your Android phone, as some of the benefits that you get from rooting your Android phone is getting rid of useless installed programs and have full access to your phone, so here it begins the top 20 root Apps for Android phones:
Top 20 Root Apps
1. Full! Screen that gives you extra space and almost everything disappears.
2. Flashify: an application that helps you in doing various tasks like downloading ROMs, flash ZIP files, backups and a lot more to explore.
3. GooManger which is like a ticket to install anything you find on
4. Boot is an app that is simple in recovering your device and very effective.
5. Greenify: checks your running applications.
6. GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys: similar to Full!Screen.
7. JuiceDefender Ultimate: the master of the battery saving apps.
8. Root Explorer
9. Xposed
10. Device Control
11. ROM Toolbox Pro

12. Root App Deleter
13. Free Wifi Password Recovery
14. Folder Mount
15. Tasker
16. Disk Digger
17. Titanium Backup
18. App Ops
19. NoBloat Free
20. SDFix
That was the list of the Top 20 Root Apps for Android phones in 2016.

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