Compare Android Phones

Compare Android Phones

It has been apparent for a while that the days of Blackberry’s era in the business phone realm are gone to an end. (Ok, now I feel that I am like an old-timer)The world has moved on to the smartphone arena in which there is a different set of Android devices are available in which one can compare between Android phones; some by Samsung, some by HTC, and others by Nokia or Motorola to name just a few examples.

If you are on the prowl for new Android phones thinking what to buy from the many varieties of the Android phones, you should think of which Android phone resembles you more closely. Well, here is a small hint to compare between android phones to keep in mind: some Android phones run the Android OS, whereas others are made by Google like the Nexus. The great thing in order to decide upon an Android phone is that many product features will be similar among phones; for example: many devices gives you the opportunity to share files between phones, customize notifications and alerts, arrange icons, have themes and standard common applications, tap or touch the top of the phone to scroll up and down the page you are surfing and read text aloud also.

So what feature on hand that is like you

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